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Jeannine Sanderson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.Ht), child and youth worker, hypnosis instructor and author who has lead workshops and seminars internationally for over 20 years.

Jeannine is no stranger to adversity. She is an incest survivor who spent her youth in fear and torment. This lead to a battle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and thoughts of suicide.

When Jeannine became pregnant, she found the motivation she needed to overcome her past. She studied child and youth work in an attempt to free herself through service to others. She discovered that traditional counseling methods were not enough.

In order to overcome her anxiety and depression, she had to reprogram her thoughts, beliefs and habits and make lasting change easy to maintain. This changed the course of her life. Jeannine is now healthy, happy, empowered and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Her world changed so profoundly that she is inspired to share these benefits with others. She finally knows her passion and purpose. Now, she teaches easy to apply tools and techniques to help others fully utilize mental, emotional, and physical personal power.

"The work we do for ourselves has a far reaching impact. We can become positive role models for those we love and in doing so help to make our world a happier, healthier place. It is my honor to walk this path with you."