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Mindful Meditation (Digital Download)



Create inner Peace, and connect to the present moment through Mindful Meditation.

Hundreds of scientific studies validate that meditation is extremely beneficial for the body, mind and spirit. It has been repeatedly shown to increase energy, health, performance and happiness.

What happens when you begin to meditate?

Benefits to Emotional Well-being

  • Decreases stress, anxiety, fear and depression
  • Improves mood and emotional intelligence
  • Enhances self esteem and self worth
  • Increases optimism, relaxation and awareness
  • Increases resilience against adversity
  • Decreases impulsivity, emotional eating or smoking

Benefits to the Mind

  • Increases memory, retention, recall and focus
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Enhances creativity
  • Better problem solving, decision making and information processing skills
  • Helps to manage and avoid distractions

Benefits to the Body

  • Improves the immune system, heart and breathing
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Increases energy
  • Increases longevity
  • Improves heart and brain health
  • Reduces inflammatory disorders and asthma
  • Assists with pain reduction and pain management
  • Reduces the risk of fibromyalgia

One of the biggest roadblocks I have found to meditating lies in perception and not the practice itself. Many people have the misconception that meditation requires one to completely empty their mind and, when that is not possible meditation often becomes a source of frustration rather than relaxation. Meditation is a practice of awareness and focused attention. Like any skill, it takes practice to develop. With this Mindful Meditation recording you are guided through the process making it easier to relax your mind and hold your focus. This session guides you to hold your attention on the breath and body while allowing your thoughts to come and go. When distractions arise the recording is there to guide your focus gently back to the present moment.

All of our hypnosis CD’s are professionally recorded and use tools that assist you in becoming more receptive to positive suggestions. Each session contains subliminal messages that help you make the changes you are seeking through access to your subconscious mind and programming. It is a simple and yet powerful method that can help you to live the life of your dreams. All that is required is a desire for change and a small daily commitment of time. With help from these hypnotic recordings, you can create and run new programs that allow you to take charge of your life. Now, are you ready to unleash your true potential?

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