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One Year Mirror (Digital Download)



The subconscious mind can not tell the difference between real and imagined. If you imagine doing crunches in as much detail as possible, every muscle in the stomach contracts. In one study a participant increased his biceps by thirteen percent simply doing curls in his mind… he didn’t actually move a muscle. Imagine what is possible when you combine the power of the mind and body, Using this hypnosis and guided visualization session allows you to give clear and specific direction to your subconscious mind. It is like putting a destination in your GPS. In One Year Mirror you are taken on a visual journey of transformation that lays a strong foundation for lasting change. Changes begin to take place on a cellular level as you sit quietly listening to this hypnosis session. These changes help to increase your strength, endurance, excitement and motivation allowing you to rapidly take your body to the next level.
Transformation doesn’t have to be a struggle, you can actually enjoy the journey.

All of our hypnosis CD’s are professionally recorded and use tools that assist you in becoming more receptive to positive suggestions. Each session contains subliminal messages that help you make the changes you are seeking through access to your subconscious mind and programming. It is a simple and yet powerful method that can help you to live the life of your dreams. All that is required is a desire for change and a small daily commitment of time. With help from these hypnotic recordings, you can create and run new programs that allow you to take charge of your life. Now, are you ready to unleash your true potential?

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